Melanie’s Music Lessons has been providing top quality music lessons in piano, keyboard, organ, accordion, and music theory for over 20 years. We provide these lessons in-studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, or, around the world online.

Our lessons are tailored to each student and we ensure that you grow and learn with each lesson. Generally, we follow a set, recognized curriculum for music learning that gets you improving and learning each week. The curriculum includes dozens of songs that you learn as part of your lessons. We can also tailor the lessons based on your specific wants and learning style, depending on the situation.

Generally, the lessons are once each week (1 lesson / week), which means there are usually four lessons in a month (4 lessons / month).

We allow anyone to take lessons including children (ages 6+), teenagers, adults, and seniors. Our youngest student was age 3 and our oldest student so far was age 86. We have also taught blind and disabled students. We believe the fun and enjoyment of music should be available for all.

If you are interested music lessons, you do not need anything more to begin, just feel free to apply on the enrollment page or contact me from the contact page if you have any questions or concerns. After receiving your request we will let you know any more information that you may need before beginning your lessons.

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