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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Music Lessons

Have a true desire and mindset that you really want music lessons. Enrolling in music lessons should not be a spur of the moment decision. There will need to be some time and dedication from you in order to succeed.

Parents, make sure that your child really wants to learn an instrument. Let them decide which instrument they want to learn on. They should not be told or forced to learn another instrument in order to be able to learn the one they want to. What you also need to do is make sure that the type of instrument they want is suitable for their age and physical ability. Children do best when they can start lessons on an instrument that they want to learn, even if it means waiting to enroll them until they have matured enough to fit that instrument. They will be much happier and more successful this way.

Music lessons require time and commitment on a daily basis. Children who have too many activities tend to suffer from stress and overload, which causes them not to do well in any particular activity. They struggle because they don’t have enough time to properly focus on any one of them. It should be important for the parent to not let this happen. Recommendations would be to choose one activity at a time, give it a few months, and then decide from there.

Parents, take an interest in what your child is learning with their music lessons. Children are much more interested in something if their parents are also interested in it, which in turn causes them to be more enthusiastic and confident.

Set up an inviting area in your home where practice will be: good lighting, comfortable seating, keeping the instrument in good condition, and space to keep sheet music in an orderly fashion. A dusty cold spot in a corner somewhere will not see much practice time.

Try to be around your child when they are practicing. Sending them to their room to practice will sometimes feel like it is a punishment rather than an encouragement from you.

Encourage your child to play for family and friends. At first they may struggle, but they will grow confident quickly with enough encouragement.

Finally, extra-curricular activities like music lessons should be a fun activity and not a source of stress. Students should look forward to their weekly lesson and should be allowed sufficient time during the week to practice and feel good about themselves and their progress. Lessons are available at

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